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The Last Man on Earth

The Last Man on Earth (2015-2018)

No Nudity

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Saturday Night Live funnyman Will Forte stars as Phil Miller, the bearded titular character in the Fox sci-fi comedy The Last Man on Earth. Set in the year 2020, it seems as though a deadly virus has hit the planet and Phil appears to be the lone survivor. So what’s one to do when one is all alone on the earth? Well, Phil wanders around in his underwear, raids a supermarket and aimlessly meanders about not doing anything in general. Eventually, like on many post-apocalyptic shows, the underwear-clad wanderer gets dressed and jumps into an RV, crisscrossing across the U.S. in search of survivors. Along the way, the lonely dude passes time by talking to god, does some daredevil-ish stunts, and masturbates. Sounds like a lot of churchgoers we know! It’s only a matter of time before Phil crosses paths with Carol (Kristen Schaal), the last woman on earth, and after a tense first meeting, the two settle in and try to make sense of their lonely world. If the plot doesn’t move you, seeing Will Forte in his underwear will surely convince you to tune in and drop your pants!