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The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy (2019-2022)

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My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way is way talented! Not only was he the lead singer of one of the biggest emo bands of the early 2000's, but he wrote a superhero comic book that eventually was turned into the smash hit Netflix show The Umbrella Academy. Airing for three seasons starting in 2019, the show is more of a family drama than a "School for the gifted" show like the name would have you believe. Basically, out of nowhere in October 1989 a bunch of women get pregnant and give birth within less than a day. Most of the kids die, but seven survive and are adopted by an eccentric billionaire named Reginald Hargreaves (Colm Feore) who raises them using a robot mom (Jordan Claire Robbins) and a genius, talking chimp butler (Adam Godley). Forming a childhood superhero team called "The Umbrella Academy," the show kicks off with the now adult kids returning home after Reginald dies. Luther (Tom Hopper), the strong one has been living on the moon and had to get injected with ape DNA to survive. Vanya (Elliot Page) always thought she didn't have powers, which made her an outcast, only to realize she was the most powerful one and Reginald was so scared of her abilities that he was drugging her to hold the powers back. Diego (David Castaneda) is a telepathic knife expert with mom issues, while Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) is a gossip hound who can get people to do what she wants just by saying it. Klaus (Robert Sheehan) is the druggie who can talk to the dad, including Ben (Justin H. Min) the tentacled member of the team who died years back. There's also Five (Aidan Gallagher) the time traveler who's been lost for decades but shows back up as a wise, old child. From time travel to parallel universes, the Umbrella kids were always fighting someone while failing to deal with the childhood trauma and unresolved issues that tore the family apart. The gorgeous Tom Hopper doesn't miss the opportunity to show off all his hard work at the gym. You'll want to spank the monkey seeing the macho, muscular hunk of man meat lying shirtless in bed! Fellow handsome hotties Robert Sheehan and Cody Ray Thompson are the heroes we always needed when they go shirtless to get gay as Vietnam soldiers killing some free time by having a little you and me time. Don't forget the rubbers, Umbrella boys! But the best scene on the show comes when Robert Sheehan walks around in some tighty whities! Klaus is gifting those presents like Santa! The Umbrella Academy will have you shooting some romance chemicals all over the place!