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This Movie is Broken (2010)

No Nudity

Top Scene


Imagine if you will, that you hook up with the love of your life the night before he or she is set to leave the country. How far would you go to keep the object of your undying affection around? This is the exact predicament that Bruno (Greg Calderone) finds himself in when he wakes up to the girl of his dreams, Caroline (Georgina Reilly) in the concert flick This Movie is Broken (2010). The frantic and love struck Bruno comes up with a plan to keep Caroline in town that just might be crazy enough to work. It turns out that her favorite band, Broken Social Scene, is throwing a huge bash nearby. Bruno decides that if he can somehow score tickets to the show he can give Caroline a night so amazing that she’ll throw away her dreams of going to school in France. 

In a twist of events, Bruno finds out that Caroline’s allure is nothing when compared to the intimate company of his best friend, played by Kjartan Hewitt. In one of the hottest non-nude gay sex scenes we’ve ever seen, head to the 1 minute and 15 second mark to see Greg and Kjartan realistically portray a first hook up, awkward conversation and all! Their scruffy nuzzle fest is enough to get you strokin’ to Broken


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