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United States of Al

United States of Al (2021)

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United States of Al is a hilarious CBS sitcom that has audiences buzzing! CBS is the king of the sitcom, and they sure don't hold back with United States of Al. If you like a mismatched duo comedy, the whoah boy are you in the right place! See, it all goes down when Riley (played by the incomprehensibly sexy Parker Young) comes back to the States after serving as a Marine in Afghanistan. He struggles to readjust to his small-town Ohio life, but finds solace in an unlikely companion. That Yin to his Yang is played by cutie Adhir Kalyan. As the titular Al, Adhir is an Afghan interpreter who Riley worked with during his time in Afghanistan. Adhir is getting used to his new life in America, while Riley is reacclimating to his old one. And together? They film gay porn. Kidding! But that doesn't mean United States of Al isn't without its ultra sexy content. CBS isn't known for delivering the Mr. Man-approved goods, but we have to hand it to the network. They've outdone themselves this time! In one mouthwatering scene, Parker Young sashays around the living room wearing some of the thinnest and most form-fitting boxers we've ever had the pleasure of laying our eyes on. The boxers cling to Parker Young's package, giving us a clear outline of his big penis! War might be hell, but that cock is heaven. From its intriguing plot to its world-class THOT, this is the show for you. Parker Young? More like Parker Hung!