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Vinyl (2016)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


With the likes of Martin Scorsese, Terence Winter, Rich Cohen, and Mick Jagger all behind it, HBO's Vinyl has to go down in the record (bah-dum-ching) books as one of the most high-profile television shows to never see a second season. Guess that makes it a one hit wonder. The show debuted on Valentine's Day 2016—a somewhat telling release date, considering the show details Richie Finestra's (Bobby Cannavale) love affair with music and American Century Records in the 70s. Richie is the president of the company who finds himself up against a looming buyout and the slow dissolution of a place he loves to work thanks to big-money names and the saturation of shallow pop music. In an effort to save his company, Bobby does all sorts of strange things, like beating up his partners to get out of said buyout, killing a radio host, and telling his staff to seek out musician's whose energy is inspiring instead of monetarily promising. He'll get some help from the head of promotions Zak Yankovich (Ray Romano) and the hot young assistant with her finger on the pulse of what's cool with the youth, Jamie Vine (Juno Temple), along the way, and even discover a dude who might be the next big thing in music (James Jagger). With all sorts of run-ins with huge 70's stars like Alice Cooper (Dustin Ingram), John Bonham (Vince Nudo) and even Elvis (Shawn Klush), the show really portrayed the world of the 1970's New York City music scene quite well. Since it's an HBO show this one is unsurprisingly rife with skin, including tons of era appropriate bush! If you've ever dreamed of hopping in a time machine and hopping on some seventies peen, not only does Bobby do a full-frontal scene when he gets out of the shower, but we see plenty of shirtless action from him when he does drugs off of a TV. Not to sound like a broken record, but that is one hot music exec! Mick's son James Jagger proved the fapple doesn't fall far from the tree when the lean, pouty lipped lothario stripped down for a threesome with Juno Temple and Val Emmich. Everybody loved seeing how well Ray Romano's ass had aged when he lied naked on his bed, but it was Richard Short who really made Mr. Man's pants a little shorter! Richard goes full frontal with a closeup of his cock when Olivia Wilde takes a naked photo of him. Guess the seventies weren't short on big-dicked dudes! That Vinyl nudity will have your head spinning like a record!