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Weird City (2019)

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Back in 2019 Youtube Premium decided they'd get into the original scripted content game by taking a swing at stuff like Netflix's colossal hit Black Mirror and Amazon's trippy show Tales From the Loop with their own sci-fi anthology series, Weird City. In this Twilight Zone inspired political allegory, viewers discover a future version of America where cities are separated by walls that keep the haves on one side and the have-nots on the other. Each episode takes place in this world, including one where Stu (Dylan O'Brien) signs up for a dating app that hooks you up with your perfect match, only for his match to be the old and supposedly straight fella Burt (Ed O'Neill). In another one, a pair of have not crooks (Awkwafina and Yvette Nicole Brown) realize they're actually just actor on a TV show that functions better when everyone involved doesn't know they're just pretending, and even one where a skinny dude (Michael Cera) becomes obsessed with a futuristic fitness gym. All the stories are great, but only one will have you doing all sorts of weird things to your body! Even if the pairing is a bit of an odd one, watching Ed O'Neill and Dylan O'Brien make out together, then lie side by side shirtless after a sex session, is actually kind of awesome. Now, the plot twist is going to come when we find out that the app glitched and this odd couple was never supposed to get together! But once Dylan's had a taste of that old man's meaty body and burly chest, and Ed's come alive again at the touch of Dylan's thin torso and delightful dong, the pair just can't quit each other. Have or have not, you absolutely have to see that wild hookup in Weird City