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Weird, Odd, and Unexpected Nudity

These nude scenes are unusual. They are great, but they come from unexpected places or they are downright weird. Check out nude scenes that include cock from Shia LaBeouf in an Icelandic music video, the caged cock in The Pelican Company, Ewan McGregor with Japanese writing all over his nude body, Harvey Keitel dancing drunk and nude, and Sam Rockwell freaking out in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Keep watching for the iconic American Reunion nude scene, the cock in Hyde's Secret Nightmare, more penis in Rats: Night of Terror, more cock and balls from Kasem Hoxha, the intense nudity in Antichrist, Tom Mercier's amazing full-frontal, Yaniv Sharon nude with bandages on his head, Martin Freeman baring it all in Nightwatching, more frontal from Real Lies, and an erection from Diet of Sex plus even more. It may be weird, but there is a lot of cock here!  

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