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With Love

With Love (2021-2023)

Brief Nudity

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With Love (2021) is a spicy new series from Latina TV creator Gloria Calderon Kellett that explores what it is like to find love and to sometimes help your family members find love, too. Mind out of the gutter, people! This show is about two siblings named Lily and Jorge Diaz who both live in the city and try to navigate their love lives with everything else they have to juggle like family, work, friends, and just plain taking the subway. Life is hard! Anyway, these two are on their own separate journeys, but they wind up coming together over their love lives when they both start having interactions with people who live in their apartment building. Uh oh - don't you-know-what where you eat, or in this case where you live. The Diaz siblings have apparently never really heard about that before, so they are having the time of their lives. That does bring drama, though. Will the two of them find love and happiness? Will they help each other? Or are they just making everything more and more complicated for each other and for the people that they are interacting with? As these two Latinos go for it, we start falling for a hunky man that Lil is hooking up with. That is Desmond Chiam who plays Nick who is HOT. Check out his shirtless, muscular torso as he walks around the apartment in just his gray sweatpants. Those pecs? Those shoulders? Those biceps? Ay dios mio, lo encantamos!