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XXY (2007)

No Nudity
  • Genres: Drama
  • Directed by: Lucía Puenzo
  • Theatrical Release: 06/14/2007
  • Home Release: 10/14/2008
  • Country: Argentina, France, Spain
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A seminal piece of Argentinian cinema, and a seminal piece of intersex cinema, XXY (2007) took the world by storm upon its release. Audiences were blown away by the frank, honest, and real depiction of an intersex character on screen – the struggles, the confusion, the libido. In an incredibly uncommon turn of events, XXY was chosen to represent Argentina at both Spain’s Goya Awards (Best Foreign Film in Spanish), and at our own Academy Awards (Best Foreign Language Film). In every previous year, Argentina had selected two separate films to be considered by each awards ceremony. XXY is just that good – a well-crafted story that will pull you in and never let go. XXY won’t give you all the details or connect any dots. It’s great and a rare thing to find a film that simply exists, and allows the viewer to act as a fly on the wall of a series of scenes. It’s especially nice to be a fly on the wall when Martín Piroyansky engages in a tender and sensual loss of virginity with his intersex friend, Inés Efron. They should have called XXY SeXXY!


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