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Bulgarian Lovers

Bulgarian Lovers (2003)

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Everyone has heard of the Latin Lover, but not as much attention is given to Bulgarian Lovers (2003). Yet Eloy de la Iglesia’s gay rom-com could change all of that. Also known as Los novios búlgaros, this R rated crime flick is based on a novel by journalist Eduardo Mendicutti. The film stars Catalonian actor Fernando Guillén Cuervo as Daniel, a Madrid-based attorney with a penchant for partying and hooking up with dudes. While on the hunt for the perfect man (handsome, hairy, muscular and hung), Daniel encounters a Bulgarian boy toy called Kyril (Dritan Biba). Although Kyril fulfills Daniel’s criteria for perfection, there’s still something missing. It seems as though this dream man is homeless, broke and has a fiancée (Anita Sinkovic) back in his homeland. As Daniel falls deeper in love with Kyril, his manipulating muse makes use of the lawyer’s powers to pull off some morally questionable and downright illegal acts. Will Daniel’s overwhelming desire to be with Kyril lead him down a dangerous and pricey path? And, more importantly, will we see some skin along the way? If you’re looking for flesh, you’ve picked the perfect pic since Señor Cuervo and Señor Biba serve up their PB & J (pecs, buns and junk) as their characters get busy together on camera. Muy bien! Not to be outdone, Emil (Óscar Iniesta) flashes his abs, ass and shaft. Even when Gildo (Pepón Nieto) gives just a glimpse of his glutes in the pool, it’ll make a splash in your pants!