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Young Rock (2021)

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Did you ever wonder what it must have been like for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson growing up in and around the world of professional wrestling before becoming a wrestler himself? Did you also wish that the same show had the same sort of ironic detachment from the events that Chris Rock had with Everybody Hates Chris? Are you also just game to watch a prequel of any sort with "Young" in front of the main character's name, like Young Sheldon? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then Young Rock might be the show for you. Debuting on NBC late in the winter of 2021, the show follows the young man who would grow up to dominate the worlds of professional wrestling, movie superstardom, and hocking tequila. The show jumps around between three main periods of the young Rock's life, when he was 10, 15, and 20.  Wrestling fans will get a kick out of seeing such beloved classic WWE personalities as The Iron Sheik (Brett Azar), Andre the Giant (Matthew Willig), Junkyard Dog (Nate Jackson), Rocky Johnson (Joseph Lee Anderson), and Macho Man Randy Savage (Kevin Makely). Skin fanatics, however, will especially be enamored with the latter two! Joseph Lee Anderson, playing The Rock's real life father Rocky Johnson, walks around his house in just a towel in the show's sixth episode, showing off his fine and fit physique! Kevin Makely, however, sporting Macho Man's ridiculous haircut, has a fully nude confrontation with a guy who breaks down the door of his hotel room! Sadly it's blurred out, but this NBC after all! Maybe an uncensored version will leak someday, who knows?