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A Woman's Guide To Adultery (1993)

Brief Nudity

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It’s good to have a set of instructions when trying something new, so ladies should be grateful for A Woman’s Guide to Adultery (1993). The British television series follows three women who are having extramarital affairs and Rose.  Rose thinks that any woman who sleeps with someone else’s husband is striking a blow to the feminist movement, but then she meets married photographer Paul (Sean Bean).  Suddenly she’s whistling a different tune and jeopardizing Paul’s marriage with some racy photos. That wasn’t in the playbook.

The scrumptious Sean Bean is a rugged, handsome hunk of British beefcake. His perfect posterior pleases the camera and the viewer twice here.  He’s lying on his stomach naked while being photographed by Rose and his delicious derriere is round, smooth and tight.  There’s another view of his muscled back and bountiful booty as he’s standing.  The camera lingers longingly on the skintastic scene.  Thanks camera! 


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