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The Buddha of Suburbia

The Buddha of Suburbia (1993)

Great Nudity!

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Originally a mini-series on England’s BBC, The Buddha of Suburbia (1993) is a laughter-and-tears affair set in the polyglot cultural melting pot that was London and its outskirts in the early 1970s. Pakistani immigrants were an exotic and spicy novelty in the middle-class neighborhoods of the day, and a teenage Pakistani boy doesn’t know if he is being blessed or cursed when the leading ladies of his borough take up his father as a meditation-teaching guru. The white-skinned ladies are bodily gracious to the swarthy chanting man, and the kid hopes some of Dad’s luck will rub off on him.

If you need something to rub off on, you're in luck! Future Lost star Naveen Andrews is splendiferously nude throughout; bare butt in sex scenes, shirtless giving his best pal a handy, and fantastic full frontal in the bedroom and bath! You'll be Lost for words!