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This Life

This Life (1996)

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A show about lawyers that eschews the courtroom entirely, BBC's character driven television drama This Life follows the exploits of five recent law school grads that share a living space in London. Debuting in 1996 and lasting two seasons, the show was groundbreaking for its use of handheld cameras which made everything seem real even if the "hot people living together" idea wasn't exactly earth shatteringly original. The show centered around six young lawyers living together, hooking up, fighting, and doing all the sorts of stuff you'd expect from a show about sexy twenty-somethings filmed in the mid 90's. Starring a bunch of British stars who weren't well known at the time, the house features the ladies' man Miles (Jack Davenport), the shy guy Egg (Andrew Lincoln), the type A personality Milly (Amita Dhiri), the bad girl Anna (Danicla Nardini), the secretly gay Warren (Jason Hughes), and the bisexual fella Ferdy (Ramon Tikaram). While the show covers some important topics, such as safe sex, homophobia and eating disorders, the one distinguishing feature of This Life is that it favors male stripping. By far the hottest dude in the house was future Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln. The Lincoln we'd love to four score with, Andy had us super randy when we saw him in the shower before he hops out entirely naked to grab a towel. We see Lincoln's sausage link, as well as his ass when he turns around and we realize he wasn't in there alone! Dang, who knew Drew was packing such a thick dick? Is there room for one more in that shower, because Mr. Man would be happy to be the seventh roommate! Hung homies living just a room away? This is the Life!