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American Woman (2018 - )

No Nudity

American Woman (2018) is about an all-American woman who is single and raising her family to the best of her abilities. Forget these American women, we're here for the hunky American men. We'd love to cup James Tupper after seeing him shirtless and holding his woman in bed. Look at his tufts of chest hair! Angel Garet and Cheyenne Jackson take off their shirts and come toward each other seductively to make out. The camera cuts away before we get to see anything good, but hopefully, they'll...

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Americanwoman 01x02 jackson hd 01 small 3
Sexy, shirtless 00:09:02 Cheyenne's woman tris seducing him, but he brushes off her advances which prompts her to ask if her job makes him feel insecure.
Americanwoman 01x01 jackson garet hd 01 small 3
Sexy, shirtless 00:03:10 Angel enters Cheyenne's dressing room and takes off his shirt to start the fun.
Americanwoman 01x01 tupper hd 01 small 3
Sexy, shirtless, straight 00:06:42 James holds an American Woman close in bed after sex.
Americanwoman 01x05 morgan hd 01 small 3
Sexy, sexy 00:07:15 Sam's shirt is fully unbuttoned as he welcomes an old friend into his bohemian apartment.
Americanwoman 01x05 silverstone morgan hd 01 small 3
Sexy, sexy, shirtless, straight 00:09:14 A woman is showering and remembers montages of she and Sam having sex with close-ups of his strong back and chest. Now that's a good shower!
Americanwoman 01x04 jackson hd 01 small 3
Sexy, shirtless 00:19:13 Cheyenne is laid back in bed having a tense night with Mena Suvari before he reminds her that he loves her and gets to making out.


Cheyenne Jackson

Sexy - as Gregshirtless

5 Pics & 3 Clips
Angel Garet

Sexy - as Pool Boyshirtless

1 Pic & 1 Clip
James Tupper

Sexy - as Steveshirtless, straight

2 Pics & 1 Clip
Sam Morgan

Sexy - as Adamsexy, shirtless, straight

2 Pics & 2 Clips

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