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Being Human (2008)

Brief Nudity


If you thought Felix and Oscar made an odd couple, wait until you get a load of the roommates in Being Human (2008) a British TV series.  Not wanting to live away from humans, a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost decide to be roommates and live among us.  They try to live “normal lives” despite their differences and the constant fear of being exposed for who and what they really are.  It almost makes your earthly roommate problems seem minor right?  Does your roommate change into an animal or try to drink blood?

What we learn from this series ids that werewolves are naked quite a bit.  It might have something to do with transforming from a man to an animal, but either way, we are treated to some post transformation butt shots from series star Russell Tovey’s George.  We see him in various post-wolfie states of undress giving us ample time to check if his butt needs a rabies shot.  Keep a close eye on all the male werewolves, because you never know when a full moon will appear.


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