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Footballers' Wives - Extra Time

Footballers' Wives - Extra Time (2005)

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Footballers' Wives: Extra Time (2005) is the sequel series to the original Footballers' Wives (2002), following the Earles Park FC football (that's soccer, for all you Americans) team along with their wives. If you're not a fan of footy, you should know that Earle's Park is not a real team, and this wasn't a reality TV show. While Footballers' Wives followed Team Captain Jason Turner's (Cristian Solimen) wife Tanya (Zoe Lucker) as she covered up a murder she committed after hearing her hubby was going to be replaces as captain by a younger man, this spinoff debuted after season four and centered around Tanya's supposedly even more ruthless sister, Anika Beevor (Georgina Mellor). In this one, there's a new Chairman of Earl's Park FC (Nicholas Ball) shaking things up, which throws veterans like Tanya's former teen boytoy Darius Fry (Peter Ash) and club nurse Janette Dunkley (Julie Legrand) off their games. Meanwhile, Miss Beevor and her blow loving boyfriend Oliver (Travis Oliver) crash a car, leaving him in a coma and her trying to hide what really happened. Sounds compelling, but this one might have been too much of a good thing. Critics said it didn't do enough to differentiate itself, and the show only lasted two seasons before ITV blew the whistle three times. Speaking of blowing, in the very first episode we get to see why all the young boys in Great Britian want to be pro footballers. Apparently sick of all the regular sex he's been getting,Travis Oliver is tied up and stripped down for some kinky fun by a gorgeous, tall and thin blonde woman. You might think she's going to ride him, but as he's baring penis and balls, his lady puts a vacuum on his bits! Hey - we'd suck on them, too! Getting to see the naughty bits of Travis is worth finding the time to watch Footballers' Wives-Extra Time!