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Between (2015-2016)

No Nudity

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When a mysterious virus kills everyone in a town that is over the age of 21, yet leaves all of those who are younger unharmed, the military quarantines the town while they work to figure out what the virus is and how to cure it. Between (2015 - ) tells the story of those who have survived the virus, but are now left in the town alone to fend for themselves.

Young, hot hunks Kyle Mac and Jim Watson will have you reaching between your legs looking for a cure to your horniness when you see them stripped down to just their boxers while being held at gunpoint. The studs have their hands up as they talk to the guy who is threatening them. Their strong upper bodies, great legs and overall hot bodies look fantastic in the glow of the headlights. There are no in-between thoughts here, these guys are sexy!


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