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Felix and Meira

Felix and Meira (2014)

No Nudity

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Felix and Meira (2014) follows young married woman (Hadas Yaron) who finds freedom from her strict Orthodox Jewish community through a budding relationship with a young man (Martin Dubreuil) who is mourning his father's recent death. Soon their initial friendship blossoms into an unliekly romance between two lost souls who occupy the same neighborhood but live in vastly different worlds. Eventually though, Meira must decide if she will remain in the life she knows or risk it all for a life with Felix. If you need any help deciding Meira, can Mr. Man suggest you jump on the Felix train pronto! One look at masculine Martin shaving and showing off his glorious chest hair in the tub and we're sold! Granted it's only a peek without even a full reveal of his whole upper body, but with a man like Martin, you don't need much convincing! If your plate still isn't full, get a load of hunk Hubert Proulx giving us a glimpse of his hard bod through a city window while he makes out with his topless lady friend. The song in the background (Leonard Cohen's Famous Blue Raincoat) ain't bad either!