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Foreign Relations

Foreign Relations (2014)

Great Nudity!

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If good things come in small packages, good packages must come in small (or, in this case, short) films. Enter the 25-minute movie Foreign Relations (2014), not to be confused with the feature-length flick Foreign Exchange (2008). Under the pen and direction of Reid Waterer, the romantic dramedy explores the rewards and challenges that come with being a gay male. The plot begins when a quiet yet quite good-looking fellow called Tom (Kevin Grant Spencer) decides to go on a tour of the Mediterranean. There, he’s assigned a random and totally handsome roommate named Nikos (Anthem Moss). Even though he develops feelings for Nikos, shy guy Tom keeps things bottled up. But once he realizes Nikos plays for the same team, Tom’s ready to round the bases with him. If the two score, will they be cheered on by Armando (Orel De La Mota), Kate (Alexis Radzvilowicz), Sam (Danny Lopes) and his boyfriend (Adam Huss)? Of course, a more essential question is will the luscious leading men flash their flesh? Fortunately, the answer is yes! In one scene, Mr. Grant Spencer grants us with a view of his pecs and bulging briefs. Better yet, Mr. Moss shows it all off when he goes full frontal. In addition to ogling his wet chest, pubes and junk, we get to watch the two dudes make out! As the title suggests, Foreign Relations is a skinternational production with ties to Croatia, Greece and the US. Obviously, the actors connect via the universal language of sexiness!