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Jeremiah (2002)

No Nudity


In a post apocalyptic world, a deadly virus has wiped out most of humanity.  That’s the not too pleasant setting for Jeremiah (2002).  The only people spared by the virus were the ones who hadn’t reached puberty.  Now a little over decade after the outbreak, Jeremiah (Luke Perry) is on a quest to find the “Valhalla Sector” a place his father told him might be a sanctuary.

There’s not much skin in a post apocalyptic wasteland, but when one is populated by former teen heartthrobs, you can let it slide.  Luke Perry, The Cosby Show’s Malcolm-Jamal Warner and Rudy himself Sean Astin make scavenging for food, eking out a living and dealing with “The Big Death” a bit more pleasant.




Luke Perry


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