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Dune (2000)

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Squeezed between David Lynch's trippy 1984 adaptation and Denis Villeneuve's 2021 epic, John Harrison made his own attempt at adapting Frank Herbert's beloved sci-fi novel with the small screen miniseries Dune (2000). Airing in December of 2000 on the Sci Fi Channel, Dune was presented in three, over two-hour long episodes which allowed it to be more faithful to the 1965 novel than the movies that had to condense all that action into far less time. The plot, set thousands of years in the future, is about a universe divided, with different groups looking to control all by obtaining a rare and powerful spice only available on the desert planet Arrakis. That spice does everything from lengthen lifespans to allow space travel to happen, so it's hugely valuable, but Arrakis is a bit of a nightmare, It's dry, arid, covered in killer sandworms, and the native Fremen stink to deal with. When rich boy Paul Atreides (Alec Newman) and his dad Duke Leto Atreides (William Hurt) move from their ocean planet to Arrakis after being ordered to take control of it, the former rulers of the place: the Harkonnens, slaughter dear old dad and send Paul running for the hills. He hooks up with the Fremen, learns their ways, and plans to take his revenge against whoever killed his dad. Just because Arrakis is so dry doesn't mean anyone stuck there was going through a dry spell. Wiliam Hurt goes shirtless after a sex session with his lady, as does Alec Newman after taking a Freman bride. He even gets in on a wild orgy with the horny natives! Nonstop poon on Dune? How spicy! If you like them hefty, get a load of Ian McNeice looking like one fine piece in a wild outfit. The only real skin we get to spice up our life is when we get to see the buns from the sexy Matt Keeslar, who gets oiled up by some lucky ladies with his ass out before a woman starts making serious sex eyes at him. It's a shame we never get to see them Dune it, err, doin it. Still, this Y2K version of Dune will make you swoon!