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Dune (2000)

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Although there have been many attempts at formatting Frank Herbert’s 1965 sci fi classic Dune for the screen, few have been as faithful as director John Harrison’s 2000 three part miniseries of the same name. The plot, set thousands of years in the future, is about a universe divided, with different groups looking to control all by obtaining a rare and powerful spice only available on desert planet Dune. The miniseries format allows the intricacies of Herbert’s sprawling epic to unfold in greater detail than the movie adaptation. It happens to also bring the buns from the sexy Matt Kesslar, who gets oiled up by some lucky ladies with ass out and proud! Dune will make you swoon!    


William Hurt

Sexy - as Duke Leto Atreides

3 Pics & 1 Clip
Matt Keeslar

Nude - as Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen

9 Pics & 3 Clips
Ian McNeice

Sexy - as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen

1 Pic & 1 Clip
Alec Newman

Sexy - as Paul Atreides / Muad'Dib

9 Pics & 3 Clips

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