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Jungle (2017)

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Those of you assuming that getting lost in the Amazon jungle would be a cakewalk are sorely misunderstood, because, at least according to the 2017 bio-drama Jungle, it's a cake, cake, cake, cake walk! Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, stars as Yossi, a man struck with wanderlust who travels into the Amazon rainforest with three friends looking for adventure. The last time four guys headed into the forest looking for adventure it was called Deliverance, so as you can imagine, things don't go so well for Yossi and his pals.

A series of unfortunate events separate Yossi from his friends and leave him without anything but his wits, which soon dwindle as starvation and loneliness set it. Will he make it out alive? We'll never tell! We might not know our way out of the jungle, but we can direct you to a lineup of tight asses from Radcliffe, Alex Russell, and Joel Jackson! Throw in a peek at Daniel's super hot hairy bod, and this Jungle will please your bunghole!   


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