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Lucky Louie (2006)

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Before Louie was a massive critical hit for FX that was winning all sorts of Emmys, comedy legend turned "being cancelled" survivor Louis C.K. had given a sort of traditional sitcom a try with the short-lived 2006 HBO comedy series Lucky Louie. In a bit of a throwback to the days when stand-up comedians all had sitcoms where they played characters with their same first name, Louis stars as the eponymous Louie, a part-time mechanic and full-time schlep. Along with Louie are his wife Kim (Pamela Adlon), a full-time nurse, his four-year old daughter, Lucy (Kelly Gould), and his best buds, Mike (Michael G. Hagerty) and Rich (Jim Norton). While the set-up is pretty typical of a sitcom, the show was rather risqué with entire episodes centered around why calling your wife a see you next Tuesday is such a cardinal sin, Louie trying to trade sex for chores, Louie dealing with getting a DUI, and even the reality of realizing you're in a failing marriage. The show lasted only one season, but Louis C.K. made sure we got to see his little Louie thanks to HBO's lax nudity rules. In one episode, he's in bed with his wife and she treats him like a dog, finally telling him to get a treat from the fridge. When he hops up, we're treated to a look at his dong while he dashes away. Rick Shapiro's schlong was even more prominent on the show. When Louie moves into a crappy apartment, Rick needs to use Louie's shower, and he's lucky enough to see him in a too small towel. As he leans back, boom, it's Rick's dick! He'll do it again later, walking around Louie's apartment totally nude! And then, we watch him clench his ass cheeks to show how powerful his buns are! What luck! Imagine what else that thing could suck! You know you'd like to get lucky with either Rick or Louis!