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MacGyver (2016-2020)

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Based on the iconic 80’s TV series, MacGyver is the reimagined version of that show. If you weren't around for Richard Dean Anderson's run as the original tinkerer taking down bad guys, you might have been a bit confused about what was going on when the reboot debuted on CBS in 2016. Essentially, for five seasons viewers followed Angus "Mac" MacGyver (Lucas Till), a former Army bomb expert working for the mysterious Phoenix Agency. While most macho action stars save the day with punches, kicks, and guns, MacGyver is master of rigging up the perfect invention or explosive for whatever conundrum he finds himself in. Joined by expert hacker Riley Davis (Tristin Mays) and his film director/makeup and mask expert best buddy Wilt (Justin Hires), MacGyver prevents all sorts of terrorist attacks using his brains far more than his brawn. Essentially the same as the original show, the premise of ecery episode is pretty basic: introduce a bad guy, throw in a twist, stick Mac in a precarious situation, and with his trusty Swiss Army Knife in his pocket, MacGyver does some crafting and saves the day! This MacGyver is much younger than the original, which means we didn't have to wait very long until Mr. Till took his shirt off! Lucas was always walking around in a towel or taking his shirt off in bed with a lucky lady. We'd like to play around with his tool and invent a new position! His friend Justin Hires has the kind of abs that'll have you hiring him to do all sorts of handywork around the house, that you didn't actually need done. Jessie Usher and LOST star Henry Ian Cusick both spend some time shirtless in a steam bath, while Goerge Eads satisfied our DILF needs with his own topless moment. The nerdy Oliver Cooper, on the other hand went further by strolling around in his whitey tighties. MacGyver is on. Quick, grab us a handful of lotion, three tissues, and the TV remote!