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Manifest (2018-2020)

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A whole lot of shows tried to match the "mystery box" formula of storytelling of LOST after ABC's mysterious island series became a cultural phenomenon. But few succeeded the way NBC's Manifest did. First airing in 2018 and lasting three seasons before finishing up with a fourth season on Netflix, the show centered around Montego Air Flight 828 from Jamaica to NYC. For the passengers onboard the flight, it was a pretty normal trip except for a bit of unforeseen turbulence. But for everyone not on that plane, the flight disappeared until it somehow lands after five years have passed. Somehow, everyone onboard remains the same age while everyone else is five years older, spouses have remarried and had new kids, parents and siblings have died, employers have replaced the passengers they thought were dead, and overall, everyone's moved on. Needless to say, this causes all sorts of chaos when the flight lands for people onboard like NYPD cop Mick Stone (Melissa Roxburgh), her college professor brother Ben (Josh Dallas), and all the rest of the passengers who the government is dying to investigate. Eventually the gang will come up with some theories, like that you can only be on earth for as long as you're gone, and everyone will try to unravel the mystery before the "death date" comes, we get some wild Noah's Ark references, there's something about sapphire rocks, volcanos, and all sorts of other wild stuff. Mr. Man's not all that into mystery, unless it's the question of what's under all these dude's clothes. Actor Josh Dallas Manifests his perfect shirtless look when he is sans shirt in bed. Look at his hunky chest! We want to land right there on his pecs. Looking for a five-year mile high partner? You can't go wrong with Matt Long, especially once we see him taking his shirt off in the bathroom. Another passenger we wouldn't pass a night up with, J.R. Ramirez might be the hottest though, since he's got the biggest shoulders, and the meatiest pecs! Imagine the sex! For a network TV show, Manifest is a hot man fiesta!