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Rabioso sol, rabioso cielo

Rabioso sol, rabioso cielo (2009)

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The 2009 Mexican fantasy gay movie Rabioso sol, rabioso cielo, or Raging Sun, Raging Sky for you English speakers, is bound to go down in history as one of the hottest gay titles on Mr. Man. Oh, you don't believe us? Well just look at the receipts mamaw! There are not one, but two buttholes present, and more looks at big juicy uncut cocks than you can shake a dick at. And did we mention the gay sex? Oh, we didn't. Well there's gay sex. Like, a lot of it. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Rabioso sol, rabioso cielo is a moving story about the undying love between two men. Ryo (Guillermo Villegas) and Kieri (Jorge Becerra) are an inseparable couple, however, fate has other plans for these two. Ryo is dramatically abducted, and Kieri makes it his life's quest to find his one true love. However, Kieri finds that Ryo has been killed. However however, through a mystical presence, the two are able to spend eternity together in what some would call heaven. This poetic tribute to unbridled gay love is a can't miss for lovers of gorgeous naked men. Guillermo Villegas and Jorge Becerra share an eXXXtremely passionate gay makeout while completely naked. Seeing their youthful, buttery smooth bods rub all over each other is the stuff of FAPtasies! Javier Oliván, who plays a third naked character named Tari, also joins in on the fun. We get an amazing look at his butthole as he swims naked underwater! This is the kind of naked and gay title that speaks for itself, so get to viewing the supremely sexy clips! Raging Sun, Raging Sky, Raging boner!