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Royal Pains

Royal Pains (2009-2015)

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Royal Pains (2009 - ) is a TV show that asks what makes us happy - money and success, or feeling good about who you are and what you do? Here we follow a young E.R. doctor who is wrongly blamed for a patient’s death and fired. He ends up going to work for his brother in the Hamptons as a doctor to the rich and famous, but soon finds himself being asked to work at a clinic for the less fortunate. Suddenly he has to choose between doing what feels good and padding his bank account.

There will be no padding left on your pants after shredding them while watching Paulo Costanzo pulling off his clothes and crawling into bed with a woman while wearing just his underwear. Not to be outdone, Mark Feuerstein helps save a drowning guy at the beach. Lucky for us we get to watch his heroics while he is shirtless. The sexy docs of Royal Pains will have you feeling heart palpitations!