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Somewhere Boy

Somewhere Boy (2022)

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The British series Somewhere Boy made the jump to Hulu, meaning that we can all enjoy this drama's surprising gay content. Somewhere Boy is about a boy named Danny, played by Lewis Gribben, who is raised by his father in isolation. Why? Because Danny's mother died when he was young, and the father was so grief stricken that he thought it was a good idea to lock Danny in a cabin and tell him that the outside world was deadly and filled with actual monsters. The father does not want his son to experience the grief that he did, but everything changes when Danny turns eighteen. No longer a little boy, this teen decides to brave the real world, which is not in fact filled with monsters. It is, however, filled with boys. Gribben and Kieran Urquhart share a passionate kiss and even have sex, although all we see is Lewis Gribben shirtless after doing in. Plus Johann Myers is shirtless when he finds Gribben in the bathroom. They should call this movie Somewhere Boy Toy!