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The Beautiful Lie

The Beautiful Lie (2015)

Brief Nudity

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The Beautiful Lie is an acclaimed six part miniseries that aired in Australia in 2015. This is a modern-day reimagining of the classic novel Anna Karenina, by Leo Tolstoy. The actress Sarah Snook plays Anna, and her life is thrown upside down when she flies to Melbourne to help out her brother, whose marriage is falling apart thanks to his affair with the au pair. Typical! But Anna's married life is shaken up too on her trip to see her brother, because she happens upon a handsome stranger at the airport, named Skeet. The two are instantly bonded when they witness a tragedy together at the airport. But there's a twist. You knew there would be a twist! Skeet (the man who Anna instantly falls for at the airport) is actually engaged to Anna brother's wife's younger sister. Yup. This means that Anna has to watch as her airport lover canoodles with another woman at their family gatherings. Confused? All you really need to know is that the cute Benedict Samuel plays Skeet, and we get to see his hot and yummy Aussie body in his shirtless appearance! Alexander England really sexes up this drama series, delivering the show's only nudity. Just look at that Down Under ass! So how does The Beautiful Lie wrap up? As with the source material, Anna's life ends in tragedy. Her romance destroys everything that gave her stability before - her marriage and her family ties. But we don't feel too bad for Anna, because she got a piece of that sweet Skeet. We love The Beautiful Lie, and that's the truth!