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The Bridge

The Bridge (2013-2014)

Brief Nudity

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Based on the Danish series of the same name that centers around the bridge between Denmark and Sweden, FX's The Bridge moved the action to the bridge that separates the USA and Mexico. Lasting two seasons between 2013 and 2014, blonde babe Diane Kruger stars as Det. Sonya Cross, a member of the El Paso Police Department who specializes in serial killers since her sister was killed by one. Demián Bichir clocks in as Det. Marco Ruiz, her much slicker counterpart across the Mexican border. Someone's been killing people on both sides of the border and has even cleverly stuck some bodies directly in the middle to mess with their jurisdiction issues. Cross likes to do things by the book, while Ruiz tries to make it clear to her that in Mexico you've got to grease a few palms to track down the bad guys. But it's not just the cops having to cross the border to figure stuff out. Daniel Frye (Matthew Lillard) works for the El Paso Times but needs the young Mexican reporter Adriana Mendez's (Emily Rios) help to crack the case. Since the USA and Mexico have some issues about the border, bridges are going to have to be mended to stop the killing. The nudity is not plentiful, but we do get to see south of the border from Brian Groh when the cops bust in on him in a cock-sock. That's border-line nudity. Forget Mexico, let’s talk about his Ass-tech Empire! Demián Bichir is one sexy bitch when he lies in bed shirtless, but nothing was as hot as the shredded Nathan Phillips as he gets out of bed after a night with Diane Kruger. There's a look at just a bit of his buns while he's putting his pants on. Mr. Man's still a bit salty there was no full frontal, but that's water under The Bridge now.