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The Chestnut Man

The Chestnut Man (2021)

No Nudity


The Chestnut Man (2021) is a Netflix original film from Scandinavia, so you know that it will be dark, gloomy, thought-provoking, violent, and sexy all at once. That's sort of their calling card. In this Nordic series, a young woman's body is found dead at a playground. She has been viciously attacked and one of her hands has been cut off. The most disturbing part (yes, all of that was obviously disturbing, but bear with us here) is that above her head is hanging a small figure of a man-made entirely out of chestnuts and string. What the heck? That's what the investigators start to wonder as they begin to unravel this case to find out who could have done this to her and why. They have to figure it out, naturally, before the killer strikes again. They also try to figure out what in the world this Chestnut Man means and if it is a clue to who the killer is. You know who is killing it in this movie? Thomas Hwan! Check out his naked lower half when he bangs a babe from behind in a very shadowy scene. When Thomas pulls out, we get to see some sack. Do our eyes deceive us? Is that his real cock?! Alas, dear readers and nudity fans, it is one of those tricks that comes to us from movie magic. It's just his penis pouch! Damn, foiled again. Maybe next time Thomas Hwan can reveal what his chestnuts really look like.