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The Night Of

The Night Of (2016)

Brief Nudity

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You have the right to remain sexy! HBO's gritty miniseries The Night Of took the first season of the hit British show Criminal Justice, swapped locales, and Americanized everything until they had a critically beloved crime show all their own. Set in New York City, Naz (Riz Ahmed) is a cab driver who has a wild night out full of sex, drugs and a mysterious woman named Andrea (Sofia Black-D'Elia). Lucky him! Only, when he wakes up next to her dead body and has a knife in his pocket that matches the murder weapon, it looks like his luck has run out. He's pretty much screwed, until John Stone (John Turturro) says he'll be his lawyer. Since Stone's nothing special, Naz is super excited when hotshot lawyer Allison Crowe (Glenne Headly) offers to rep him pro-bono, only to bail when he won't take a deal, leaving Naz stuck with Stone once more. While Naz does his best to survive in prison, his dad does his best to make money without his taxi cab that's being held as evidence, and Stone does his best to figure out what the heck happened to this young man who refuses to stop saying he didn't do it. While all fingers point to Naz as the murderer, the methodical The Night Of goes through painstaking detail to provide us with all the necessary information to make us doubt our own convictions. There’s no doubting that Riz is one hot piece of man meat, and we get to see him shirtless in multiple scenes, plus a great shot in the shower. Do we get nads from Naz? Nah. All we get is upper body stuff. Cutie Michael Kenneth Williams, on the other hand,gives the series a dose of dudity when he flashes ass during some wild sex! Mustafa Shakir shows his butt while he gets a blowjob in prison, while Ashley Thomas goes buns out during a prison beatdown! Maybe being wrongfully accused wouldn't be so bad after all. Mr. Man doesn't want to do a decade, but he'd be happy to spend a few nights locked up with the fellas from The Night Of