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Underground (2016-2017)

Brief Nudity

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WGN America’s historical drama Underground was one of the more unique period pieces that TV has ever seen, in large part because it mixed the most brutal period in American history with a rather fun prison break plot, only with a Georgia plantation serving as the prison. Airing for two seasons starting in 2016, the show followed Noah (Aldis Hodge), a slave who stumbles upon a secret map that lays out a path up North he can use to escape the Macon, Georgia plantation he's currently trapped. The problem is, he knows he can't just run to the hills, or he'll be captured and tortured by the bounty hunter August Pullman (Christopher Meloni). He needs to recruit a team and come up with an escape plan. Knowing he'll need some help; he recruits the only slave who can read (Mykelti Williamson) but can't be open about it because he knows that the disabled slave Cato (Alano Miller) will rat him out if he gets the chance. He's also deeply in love with the house slave Rosalee (Jurnee Smollett-Bell), whose white father (Reed Diamond) owns the plantation. So, murdering his owners is kind of out. Will Noah find his way to freedom or is he going to spend the rest of his life in chains? It’s not the most fun subject matter in the world, sure, but the show still manages to keep things pretty damn sexy, especially considering the fact that, being on WGN America, they can’t exactly utilize any full frontal. They can mostly just have all the hot dudes on the show take their shirts off for long stretches of time, so that’s exactly what they do: Christopher Meloni and Marc Blucas take off their tops in a handful of scenes, as do Aldis Hodge and Theodus Crane. The latter two, however, also take things up a notch by showing the camera their magnificent asses in two scenes. Robert Christopher Riley shows his ass while dicking down a babe, while Cullen Moss shows some white booty while skinnydipping. Jordan Christie ends up whipped, which means we get to see his buns while his wounds are being tended to, while Alano Miller and Raheem Babalola end up hanging out in a sauna! We'll pretend to be watching it for the history, but you do not want to see what our hands are doing under the covers watching Underground