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Vagrant Queen (2020-)

No Nudity


The SyFy network strikes comedy gold again with the 2020 series Vagrant Queen!  Set in a treacherous galaxy where a tyrannical government rules with an iron fist and regularly melts people for the smallest infractions you can think of, we follow our protagonist who comes in the form of an outcast queen, Elida (Adriyan Rae), who is the rightful ruler and last of her bloodline!  As the Republic hunts her to the corners of the galaxy, somehow hilarity ensues as she is always seemingly one step ahead of the bumbling idiots who run the bureaucratic shit show that follows in tow.  With the help of her super hot friend Isaac (Tom Rozon), who comes in with news of her mother being alive, they set off to try and find her mom and re-establish their peaceful kingdom.  This series is definitely an outside of the box look at science fiction, blending both a lovable yet dark comedic styling with set design and proper spaceman aesthetics and storylines!  While it is rich in pretty much everything, it's still a basic cable show, so it's going to be sans most kinds of nudity, but we get lucky as Tom Rozon is a certified 10, best known for playing Doc Holliday on another SyFy series Wynonna Earp or the sexy Mutt on Schitt's Creek.  We also get some shirtless hunks periodically, like Jandre le Roux, who plays a doomed prisoner vowing revenge... All without a shirt and that prison sculpted body!  Hopefully if/when this show comes back, they step up the sexiness in space, because there is nothing hotter than some zero gravity boy toys floating our way on the small screen!  


Jandre le Roux

Prisoner 598

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