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Victim Number 8 (2018)

Brief Nudity

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Victim Number 8 (2018) is a crime drama that takes place in Bilbao where a terrorist attack kills seven people and wounds several more. Authorities try to get to the bottom of what happened, leading us on a journey to meet all these different people. Iñaki Font is the first victim of nudity when he lays naked in bed with his buns in the air. Look at how smokin' hot he is as he smokes. The other IñakiIñaki Ardanaz, bares his all when he gets out of bed naked and then puts on pants to hide his perfect ass from us. Hey, it's okay, we get to see balls before he hid them away. Finally, César Mateo and Moussa Echarif treat us to dick when they are fully naked with their hands in the air as they get arrested. With their hands cuffed behind their backs, there's no way they can cover their junk. Eight? No, these naked guys are perfect tens. 


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