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The Hunt

The Hunt (2019)

No Nudity
  • Genres: Drama
  • Created by: Luis Moya, Agustín Martínez
  • Rated: TV-14
  • Network: La 1
  • Country: Spain
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People go missing in the mountains all the time and the great Pyrenees mountain range that separates Spain and France is no different.  So when two young girls go missing from the small town near the mountains, people assume that it's just another missing persons case of two girls who wandered off and got lost to the elements.  The only problem is, one of the girls comes walking back into town five years later with her head shaved and that's when the confusion of what actually happened to the young girls begins to spread throughout the town and the detectives who worked the case.  Is there a serial monster, kidnapping and taking girls for extended periods of time in their humble community?  As the scary story develops, we get to see the memory slowly return to the victim, who may hold clues to the other missing girl's whereabouts.  While this mystery unfolds, we don't see much by way of hunky hotties, but the delicious David Solans does have a brief skinny dipping scene in a lake when he strips down to his boxers for a dip!