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Walker (2021-)

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Well, well, well. What have we here? if it ain't Walker - the Texas ranger - back and ready for more as he returns home in the city of Austin. This time Jared Padalecki plays the titular Walker in Walker (2021) who is now a widowed dad who wants to reconnect with his kids and work with a new partner as he starts to realize that there may have been more to his wife's death than he previously thought. Remember the old Walker, Texas Ranger? This show is like that totally revamped and with a new ranger in town. Jared is super sexy in this role, having grown up from his Gilmore Girls days, and now he's a hunky piece of man meat parading around town in cowboy boots and a matching hat. We love his style. That being said, he has not shown us any skin on the show yet. However, someone else has and that is why it is worth talking about this show and its masculine men who look oh so fine. Jeff Pierre plays Trey Barnett and wowwie zowwie is he hot. He is shirtless in one scene to show off his six-pack abs that have been chiseled to perfection. He gives a friendly wave and shows off his shirtless chest and abs with pride. He should be proud! He looks like he was sculpted by an artist. Those abs should be in a museum! Is this a six-pack or an eight-pack?! Keep watching to see more.