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We Are Your Friends (2015)

No Nudity

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Tousle-haired, tight-bodied Zac Efron stars in this EDM drama, and with that, we're considering closing this synopsis right there. There are six good reasons to watch this movie, and they all reside on Zac Efron's perfect stomach. That said, we'll indulge you anyway. 

We Are Your Friends (2015) stars a bunch of sexy dudes living in the San Fernando Valley, aspiring for the fame and glory of Hollywood but stuck in the proverbial slums. Cole Carter (Efron) is a DJ who wants to hit it big, but has little luck until he meets the mentor of a lifetime. While his reputation and popularity are on the upswing, there's one little problem: Cole falls for his mentor's girlfriend, creating a sticky situation, both literally and figuratively. Will Cole perservere as the new David Guetta, or will he forever be stuck making cold calls at a mortgage company? Only time will tell. The shirtless-ness of LA is as pervasive as ever in this flick, so hold onto your pants!


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