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Workaholics (2011-2017)

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The Comedy Central series Workaholics follows three friends since college, Blake (Blake Henderson), Adam (Adam DeVine) and Anders (Anders Holmvik), as they slowly transition into adulthood. Created by and starring the "Mail Order Comedy" sketch troupe, on the show the three dudes are inseparable, considering they all live together and work together at a telemarketing company called TelAmeriCorp. Overall, the dudes aren’t too motivated at work, and they often show up drunk and come and go as they please. Since theirs is the lowers of low-level jobs, nobody hassles them too much for being such terrible employees. Anders is the one who sort of tries, Blake's the lovable dumb one, and Adam's the hornball with delusions of grandeur. From elderly coworkers dying on the job to acid trips gone bad, the boys always managed to end up in some wild mishap despite doing such a boring job. Airing for a rather impressive seven seasons, the hilarious show provided lots of laughs, and thankfully, lots of skin! All three boys flash their hot asses in multiple episodes, and a double mooning scene with DeVine and Holmvik actually won a Manatomy Award! The show scored another for a scene where the dudes had their asses out while wearing hospital gowns! These are probably the only wards the bro-humor filled show ever won, so they should be very proud! Kyle Newacheck, another "Mail Order" dude we'd love to become a bride for, showed his ass, too! Sure, none of these dudes are the hardbodied hotties that obviously work out, that Mr. Man usually praises, but with them, it just works! If you're looking for more of the usual kind of hunky hottie, there's a scene where both Liam Hemsworth and Dane Cook are hanging out in their towels trying to close a deal with the boys. We'd close the deal with any of these dudes if given the chance. These studs will turn you into a Jerkaholic!