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Young Wallander

Young Wallander (2020)

No Nudity


Young Wallander (2020) is a crime series from the UK that follows a police officer named Kurt Wallander as he investigates his first case. He's a recent graduate, young, and hungry for his first chances to prove himself. Will he actually ride to the occasion or will his first case prove to be way too much?Adam Pålssonplays our leading man, Wallander. He's young, hot, and chiseled which we get to see for certain when he's shirtless. Check out his chiseled abs and cut cum-gutters which we get to see when he checks himself out in the mirror. He's not the only one checking himself out. We're checking out every inch of that sculpted bod. He also hangs out in his underwear in another scene that shows that tight bulge of his. His big bulge We get to see his bod alongside another when he andYasen Atourhang out naked in a locker room together getting dressed. The pair appear to have just showered, along with other guys in the background. Just like Adam's abs, we're hooked on Yasen's gorgeous skin. He's a lean, mean sexy machine. We say Yas queen to stud muffins Yasen and to Adam. Let's hope the two of these guys keep up their shirtlessness. Hopefully, they'll keep this not-wearing-a-shirt-thing going to solve their crimes. Let's solve the sexy crime of seeing our star naked. It seems like our first clue is his shirtless chest in these early episodes.