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8 Days

8 Days (2019)

Brief Nudity

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Sky One's 8 Days is a German series all about a bunch of Deutschlanders trying to ditch Europe before a giant meteor takes out the entire continent. A huge meteor dubbed "Horus" is about to land in France, which means anyone in Europe is going to be turned to ash. Bruce Willis and the boys aren't going to save the day, since all attempts to blow up the space rock or divert it away have failed and the governments of the world are out of ideas. Scientists have said there are eight days before impact, so everyone in Europe is trying to get to the USA, Russia, Africa, Australia, or wherever else they can to duck, cover and hope for the best. Debuting in 2019, the show follows the Steiner family, led by family patriarch Uli (Mark Waschke) and his wife Susanne (Christiane Paul) as they deal with the coming apocalypse, governments trying to keep them from invading their country, rogue gangs of people who have lost their sense of humanity in the face of near certain doom, and all sorts of other classic post-apocalyptic tropes. Murathan Muslu had us pondering if fears of the asteroid would get us some easy man-ass when we see his buns in bed as he caresses the covers. Mark Waschke delivers some ass, too, during a slow and sensual straight sex scene. Sick of straight sex? We have 8 Days - we need some hot gay action, too, like Vinzenz Wagner and Oskar Bokelmann who have sex outside and show us everything. We could use another 8 Days to admire their dicks. Forget duck and cover, let's just go under the covers and spend all eight days in bed! David Schutter's cock, too, is meaty and massive and we thankfully get to see a little bit of it as he walks naked, and backwards, into the water to pour water on a lucky lady. Baptize us, daddy! Since NASA dropped the ball, we might as well spend our time draining our balls in some boy-toys! We're hoping for an asteroid scare, since the plot of 8 Days looks great for the gays!