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Dogs of Berlin

Dogs of Berlin (2018)

Brief Nudity


Dogs of Berlin (2018) was the second original German TV series Netflix ever made, and although it wasn't as beloved as the first one: Dark, this Berlin set cop drama's one season was sensational from a skin perspective! On the show, a Turkish soccer star is killed right after he pisses basically everyone off. The Turkish were mad he was going to play for the German National Team instead of Team Turkey, the Neo Nazis were mad a Turkish guy was repping their nation on the biggest stage, and the Arab Mafia was mad they couldn't get him to throw a match. Called in to investigate are the sleazy Detective Kurt Grimmer (Felix Kramer) who illegally throws down a few bets with his inside knowledge that Team Germany just lost its star, and the straight-shooting Muslim Detective Erol Birkan (Fahri Yadim). Since they're such polar opposites, their investigation leads them into a bunch of dark underworlds that are incredibly dangerous to penetrate. Speaking of penetration, Felix Kramer is a pro at it when he has sex in a few scenes to show off his hunky bod. Ooolala! Urs Rechn is another dirty dog of Berlin we love to meet when we're in heat. He gets out of bed naked and shows us his yummy backside. Taylor Bademsoy was our boy when he hung upside down naked, which let us see his buns, while Renato Schuch was all up in a girl's cooch, which gave us a look at his ass in an overhead shot. Why not doggy style? On the side of men who are more dressed, but still hot, we can look at Fahri Yardim who kisses Sebastien Achilles while shirtless. Meanwhile, Sebastien Zimmler lays in bed shirtless next to his lady, the covers covering up his naughty bits. We saved the best for last, as Zimmler and Kramer strip completely nude for a dudes-only shower! It only lasted one season which was a huge shame. We were barking to see more skin on these Dogs of Berlin