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A Reunion (2014)

Great Nudity!

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We always love when the plot of a movie includes two lost gay guys finding meaning through an unexpected romance. It’s why gay film festivals were invented! In A Reunion (2015) Michael (Michael Lovan) and Josh (Josh Watson) meet up to go on a road trip across America together to attend their 10-year college reunion. The fellas split ways after college, and though the details of their former relationship are never fully divulged there is instantaneous sexual tension between Michael and Josh. With nothing but the open road and plenty of entertaining pit stops along the way, the boys eventually find themselves opening up each other, leading to A Reunion’s ample nudity and great sex scenes! Watch out for a hot moment in which Michael and Josh strip in front of each other, giving us a look at their nice penises and balls. Your hand will have a reunion with your crotch!   


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