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Bedtime (1996)

No Nudity


Bedtime (1996) was a Showtime series that told the stories of six couples through their bedtime stories.  The stories crisscross the country following a med student and singer in San Francisco, a construction worker and his bored wife in Pittsburgh, a newly retired and recently married couple in Miami, an executive couple in Raleigh and a lesbian couple in New York.  Each couple has their own baggage.  We’re allowed to eavesdrop and take voyeuristic pleasure in watching them sort things out.

The stories of six couples being told in bed should be fertile ground for lingering nakedness.  The real story is that there isn’t very much skin in this basic cable soaper. The ladies oblige with a few bare breast views, but only Matt Battaglia comes close to delivering on the promise.  He’s close to nude in a few scenes, but is strategically covered in all of them.  Lot’s of pillow talk without a lot of pillow action.