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Boys with Toys

Some boys love to play with toys...adult toys. This playlist is full of scenes where guys introduce naughty toys to their bedroom playtime. Chris Zylka bangs his babe while standing before introducing a strap on in The People I've Slept With. Casey Donovan and Tommy Moore touch each other with props in Boys in the Sand. Fisayo Akinade pulls down his pants to reveal a chastity belt in Cucumber. We don't see his cuke, but we see his balls. Michael Cudlitz gets banged by a girl wearing a dildo in The Grief Tourist. Vin Armani uses a chin-strap-dildo in Gigolos, but eventually gets rid of the toy to let his own tool do the work. Marc Rodriguez uses a toy on his schlong for some healthy masturbation in Diet of Sex. Cameron Monaghan gets a dildo in his ass for the first time by Elliot Fletcher and he loves it. Paul Dawson, Raphael Barker, and Adam Hardman sure get hard in these scenes that feature toys and cocks in Shortbus. Lobo Sebastian lays back in women's underwear and a boa in Party Animalz with a dildo strapped to his side. Chad Faust and Marcus Patrick play around in this BDSM scene in Descent. Stephen Schneider gets pegged in this episode of Broad City. Sexy Seth Rogen has a fight with a huge dildo to his face in Neighbors. That's hot! Erick Lopez wears a costume and is tied to a chair with a ball gag in his mouth in Faking It. Bam Margera shows his ass when a dildo gets slammed straight into his ass in the second Jackass movie. Kadiff Kirwan wears a thong to a sex toy party in Chewing Gum where everyone is holding a dildo and cheering him on. Alex Howden takes a strapon in the ass in The Acid HouseCraig Michaelson gets an enormous black dildo shoved into his buns in Deet N Bax Save the World. Yeah, that thing could save the world! In Happy! a gagged Christopher Meloni is almost pegged by Patrick Fischler. Ianis Guerrero has a mold made of his cock in The Ballad of Hugo Sanchez. Stéphane Rideau pulls down his pants and gets a thick dildo shoved in his behind in Our Paradise. The sexy Sean Depner shows his seat meat in Deadly Class when a dildo is introduced. Dustin Lewis is tied to a bed in Ozark and made to suck a strap-on. Josiah Black dances with a dildo in American Bad Boy to show his American black toy. In a sex dungeon scene in Easy, Alan Metoskie deep throats a dildo and Nicky Excitement gets the whip. These boys sure do know how to have fun! 

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