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Captain Apache

Captain Apache (1971)

No Nudity

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What do the words “April morning” mean to you? Well to Captain Apache (the sexy Lee Van Cleef) the phrase represents the haunting last words uttered by the freshly dead Commissioner. With no other clues to guide him, Apache, a Native American US army officer, must solve the death using his intuition and highly specialized skills. The problem is, every time he gets close to a discovery another body hits the floor. Will he discover the meaning of “April morning” before it’s too late?

Captain Apache (1971)  didn’t win any Oscars, and the spaghetti western actually wasn’t nominated for anything, anywhere. Luckily the flick has the hunky Lee Van Cleef and his beautiful bod to distract from the story. Watch as the hottie strips down to show us his skimpy little loincloth!