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Carandiru (2003)

Brief Nudity

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Dr. Drauzio Varella’s book “Estação Carandiru” (1999) is brought to the big screen via Hector Babenco’s R rated film Carandiru (2003). The Brazilian drama follows the good doctor (Luiz Carlos Vasconcelos) when he visits São Paulo’s House of Detention to begin an AIDS-prevention program in Latin America’s largest prison. The cells are overpopulated, the facilities are decaying, and diseases such as tuberculosis, leptospirosis, and cachexia run rampant. If that’s not bad enough, the AIDS epidemic begins to pop up. With no medical care or legal representation, the visiting physician is the only hope for the sick inmates. After several months of work, Dr. Varella gets to know the prisoners personally and discovers that they are not demons — they are humans! Since this flick is set behind bars, there are a lot of shirtless men with fit physiques. For example, Lula (Dionísio Neto) and Peixeira (Milhem Cortaz) shed their threads outside of their cells. As such, we get to see their abs and underwear! Not to be outdone, Zico (Wagner Moura) makes a splash when he bares his back and bathing suit! Meanwhile, Majestade (Ailton Graça) reveals his rump while thrusting vigorously during a sex scene. Unfortunately, he manages to get out of bed nude without flashing his peen. Last, but not least, Ebony (Ivan de Almeida) touts his tanned chest while receiving a medical check-up. Let’s just say, the diagnosis is hot! Nobody wants to be locked up, but this House of Detention offers incarcerated eye candy to sweeten any sentence!