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Clutch (2011)

Great Nudity!

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The web series drama Clutch follows Kylie (Elitsa Bako), a street-smart sweetie that can hold her own, and her hunky and conniving boyfriend Matt (Matthew Carvery). They are perfectly matched couple, due to the fact that they both partake in lucrative felonious activities. You see, Kylie and Matt make a comfortable living through dealing drugs and pickpocketing schemes. They’re doing so well that they’re just getting ready to settle down in a new apartment they've purchased with their ill-gotten gains. However, the housewarming party will have to wait thanks to Matt's beef with Marcel (Peter Hodgins), a local heavy-hitting Mafioso. Seems like Marcel has put a bounty out on Matt’s head unless he pays up the $50,000 he stole from him. While on the run and hiding out in a seedy hotel, Matt and Kylie befriend Bridgette (Lea Lawrynowicz), a tough-as-nails hooker who is down to help out her new friends do battle against Marcel and his goons. The gritty series teases a look into the fetish world of bondage, and in season one, episode seven, with get two scenes of butt-baring, penis-flaunting action from Peter Hodgins as he gets tied up for some S&M fun. Peter’s nude body will have you clutching at your loins!