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Dear White People

Dear White People (2017-2021)

Brief Nudity


Based on the 2014 movie of the same name, the Netflix TV series Dear White People replaced nearly the entire cast of the movie but brought back writer and director Justin Simien to adapt his own flick for the boob tube. Debuting in 2017 and lasting four seasons, like the movie the show takes place at the fake Ivy League school Winchester University. At the largely white school, the few black students there band together in solidarity while trying to navigate a campus that, despite its liberalism, is still a little racist. Sam White (Logan Browning) hosts a radio show called "Dear White People" where she calls out the acts of racism on campus, much to the dismay of some of the white students and plenty of the professors. Her hot, white boyfriend Gabe (John Patrick Amedori) doesn't seem to mind, though! Her friends mind that she's gentrifying her sheets, which causes a bit of conflict between them. From the cops pulling a gun on a black student (Marque Richardson), to an alt-right social media troll making the students his favorite target, all the way to arguments about whether it's racist to have a dorm just for black students, Dear White People touched on all the cultural arguments America was having at the time while never getting too bogged down to forget that it was a comedy. A woke show that had Mr. Man as hard as morning wood, there were a few white hotties we hold especially dear on the show. Glenn McCuen is "Chet Fuckboi" your typical floppy haired, six pack abbed pretty white boy every black woman takes for a spin now and again. Erich Lane shows his soft, cuddly chest when he takes his shirt off giving his friend a pep talk, but it's the cut and constantly shirtless Thomas Kasp whose abs will really make you gasp. Sorta pastey but super tasty, those whiteys will turn your undies super tighties! As for the frickin hot African Americans, Brandon P. Bell shows off his incredibly cut body (and butt) during a few different sex scenes, as well as while splashing around a fountain in the buff! You'll do all sorts of sinning with one hand on your Richard after seeing Marque Richardson shirtless in a dream montage that includes having his nipples rubbed with ice. DeRon Horton even kisses both Wade E Wilson and Luke O'Sullivan in an awesome gay scene, and then later joins up with Rudy Martínez for some more shirtless, backdoor homo action! Oh Dear, those scenes are gonna put some white stuff all over your pants!